One of this summers major trends as shown on the catwalk at The British Style Collective is lace bralettes, which are pretty much bras that you would normally wear as underwear but that are slightly longer so that you can get away with wearing in the daytime as tops because you layer them over another top.

As seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, the trend is very big on Instagram and Tumblr where you can find lots of inspirational images to give you some ideas as to what to wear them with.
It kind of links to the whole boudoir dressing trend which includes items like silky slip dresses which look just like nighties and also lace body suits too (Khloe Kardashian has been wearing a lot of these recently).

A lace bralette would look nice pair with some high waisted wide legged trousers as this would show the contrast between the big material filled trousers with the skimpy little top and would also excentuate your waist and make it look smaller.

You could also wear one underneath a blazer which would look incredibly cool and stylish as you are combining a really feminine lace top with the more boyish item of a blazer. You would still be very covered up but extremely sexy with the lace peeping through at the same time so this is a good option if it’s cool outside but you still want a taste of the trend!

Another look to try is to pair say a black bralette underneath a sheer shirt so that you can see it underneath. Again this can look very seductive and you could dress it up or down depending on the rest of your outfit and your makeup. This option is good if it’s cooler outside but you still want to look stand out without showing too much skin.

I quite like them worn with jogging bottoms actually as it means you can wear them in the day time and not look too dressed up but I think because joggers are so casual this makes a really cool combo.

A new take on the trend is to wear one over the top of a white t shirt. This is much more of a daytime option and you can even buy sets from places like Topshop where you get the t shirt and the bralet together so there are no excuses not to give it a go! Aha.



So this year The Clothes Show which has always been held in December time at The NEC Birmingham relocated to a new home of Liverpool town centre and in the summer time!
Me and mum drove down to Liverpool on the Sunday which is the day we had our tickets for and then stayed overnight so that we could go shopping and look around the rest of a Liverpool on the Monday, stayed over now get again and then went back home on the Tuesday.

Overall I had a really nice weekend and I have to say we were extremely lucky regarding the weather as the new design of the show means you have to travel/walk around to numerous different venues around the city so if it had been cold and raining that would not of been pleasant at all! This was one of the reasons to be honest that I liked The Clothes Show set up so much because despite the fact it was always in winter, you could drive to birmingham (which for me personally is just on my doorstep so a lot more convenient than Liverpool, lol) and then stay indoors all day. Yes you had to park in the car park and get a bus shuttle to the venue itself but it never took very long and it meant that I could dress up and wear heels and then just take a coat to keep me warm to get to and from The NEC and then gave it in at the cloakroom!

The fashion show was good but I hate to say it, it wasn’t as good as it usually is 😬 All the seats weren’t even filled so there was lots of gaps in the audience which kind of killed the vibe a little and the presenters were and I don’t mean to be harsh but they were not great, they were clearly reading straight off of their cue cards and weren’t very relaxed at all, it kind of made me feel awkward watching them when every time they asked the crowd to make some noise and only like five people cheered, looool 😬
Anyway the show itself was alright but it seemed very focused on the guys bodies, like I personally am not even into muscly guys so I was just sitting there like 😑 aha.
I like how they still incorporated lots of music and dancing into the show as that’s what really makes it unique to other fashion shows but I still don’t think that aspect either was quite up to their usual standard.

We did manage to see another show though towards the end of the day at a different venue called St George’s Hall which was beautiful. It showcasing one designer’s collection and was much more based on the actual dresses.
Some of the women from The Housewifes of Cheshire were in the audience and they stayed behind at the end to do a question and answer session which was nice too.

Also Liverpool as a city I found to be really nice. I have been there once before which was to go to the Fusion Festival which again used to be in Birmingham but then they changed it to Liverpool lol, I don’t actually know why. Anyway, the people seemed very nice and friendly and the place had a lovely vibe to it, I would definitely go back there again!




Prints & Graphics A/W 18/19: HumaNature – Nature Activist

So I was just recently browsing WGSN looking at their future trends section and came across “HumaNature” a trend basically encompassing protest and nature activist slogans written onto items of clothing in a relaxed and hand made style. Colour wise there is a lot of khaki and an overriding feel of feminine grunge. I would say that the trend is definitely aimed at young women, encouraging them to join movements or show their support casually through their outfits. Items have an outdoors utility vibe to them which I like and think that my personal style would fit well with this trend.

Here are some examples of products available and imagery that helps represent the trend.

feministGypsy Warrior x Robin Eisenberg Patch - Gypsy Warrior:


Women’s Forecast A/W 18/19: The Thinker

Another trend I came across was referred to as “Whisky Lounge” which I thought was quite a funny title for a trend but it is in essence all about lace, velvet, affluent interiors and a general sense of plushness (not entirely sure if that’s a word but I like it so I’m using it!) haha.

Again, this is my cup of tea as I love soft materials and wearing evening wear in the day time and underwear as tops. Long story short, I like pushing boundaries and breaking rules which I think this trend does!

If you like silk dresses,  I would say a good place to get them from is Missguided, as they always seem to have lots of variety when it comes to them, as in short, longer, sleeveless, long sleeves and also plunging cut neck lines, so you will probably be able to find something to suit you and your style.


wgsn whiskyvelvet

lace camisilk dress

Surface & Materials Forecast A/W 18/19: The Thinker Re Materialised Masters
This interior trend is all about taking traditional materials and giving them a modern edge by adding extra materials that are unexpected including the likes of rubber, leather and resin. After reading about this trend and looking at the pictures to go with it, it reminded me of Parisian architecture and buildings like the Palace of Versailles and the Sacre Coeur but then also at the same time my mind went to the Versace Mansion in Miami with them both having extremely intricate paintings and statues eluding luxury and truly skilled artisans.
The WGSN article referring to the future trend describes it as ” creative thinking challenges established design codes as the unorthodox meeta with the romantic. Unexpected or surreal interpretations of historical craft emerge as neo-classical form are reinvented through scale or modern materials.”
It also made me think of the style of some the rooms in Harrods as yes they are exquisitely decorated, but particularly in the homeware section there is a variety of different styles and combinations of furniture that you would not necessarily pair together automatically but they do it in a way which really works and so for example combine the old with the new and create a great, unique look based on the clever use of juxtaposition, Even though this is an interior trend, I think that you could of course apply it to fashion too, why not?!
Here are some images from WGSN.
interior 2interiorinterior 3interior 4
Thank you for reading!



As a fashion student it is safe to say that I am certainly  fan of moodboards, so I thought why not correlate some images together just showing things that I’m into and my general taste. As you will see, there a few common occurrences throughout my boards which has highlighted to me what I really do like! It is interesting actually to say that each board is on a different topic, that I have somehow managed to put plants in nearly every board and honestly didn’t even realise until I just put them all together on here and viewed them as a collective. I apologise in advance if you don’t like trees and the sun because it seems to be a recurring theme throughout, aha. Anyway, I hope you like my boards and I just thought it was a little something different to post instead of the usual paragraphs of writing, If you prefer imagery then this is the post for you!







Image result for asap rocky guess


When it comes to collaborations within fashion, I’m honestly not usually the biggest fan as I tend to find them somewhat disappointing however the new Guess and ASAP Rocky collection is a pleasant surprise! (Saying that I do like the Fenty Puma & Rihanna Collections, the trainers in particular!)

Anyway, back to Guess and ASAP Rocky! I think the designers have mixed the two essences of both the brand and rapper well, so you can clearly see each of their vibes in the pieces. Moreover in past collections sometimes they tend to lead more to one side of the collab then the other, whereas with these pieces I think they have got the balance perfectly right.

I love the colour palette they have gone for, its mostly white with hints of blue and red, giving it a very retro, 70s Tumblr feel, which is a style which is very in at the moment.

I like the way the photos have been edited too, it is almost as if they have added a faded effect onto the photos, so they look more natural and as if they have been faded from being in the sun.

There are an awful lot of props and groups photos which I think sometimes have the danger of making campaigns look tacky, however they have done a great job of avoiding this and instead it looks more like a group of young friends with great style, aha. I like the casting of the models too as it is nice to see different ethnicities and beautiful curves as apposed to 6ft stick thin models. (Not that there is anything wrong with looking like that, it is just nice to see diversity. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and so it’s nice to see more and more people with different looks represented within fashion.)

Image result for asap rocky guess

I also love the fact that ASAP Rocky is featured in the pictures too, just because why not? And it allows the consumer to see the images and think “Ah, I recognise him!” as some people might be familiar with what he looks like but not with his name.

Image result for asap rocky guess

So overall I think this is an awesome collaboration which I am very impressed by!

Here are some of my favourite picks from it!


Shop the collection here:






HOT AS HELL are a  Los Angeles based brand who describe themselves as being ethical and sustainable. Their website features, intimates, bridal wear and swimwear. Their Instagram @we_are_hah has 49,500 followers and features a lot of their products as well as imagery relating to the brand, including roses, lips, alcohol and cigarettes, but all with an outdoorsy ideal-esque feel to them.

This is how they describe the brand on the “story” section of their website:

“HAH was born out of a desire for a simplistic MORE – more sensibility, more sustainability, and more attainability in the designer market. A movement, a lifestyle, and a brand, Hot-As-Hell is raising the bar in elevated apparel. With versatile collections of swimwear and beach lifestyle apparel, HAH clothing fills a niche of timeless, wearable, ethical and accessible fashion.”

What makes them unique is the fact that they are fiercely themselves and have a clear brand feel and philosophy. For example, the blog section of the website has a “Burn Book”  and also includes Horoscopes. Moreover, the brand is clearly not just trying to sell the products, but a whole lifestyle along with them which I think is nice as it gives off a nice positive vibe!

“We think it’s Hot-As-Hell to be conscientious. That’s why HAH is committed to minimizing waste, through our smarter usage of resources and raw materials. We like to think long-term and always do things with a purpose. Ever conscious of the environment and the products we make, we work hard (and smart) to ensure that our legacy is something we can be proud of. In keeping with the HAH ideal of eco-friendly design, we’ve launched a number of sustainable initiatives – because it’s not enough to just talk the talk anymore, you also need to be able to walk the walk

This quote from their website shows that they are playful brand that don’t take themselves too seriously but at the same have their priorities straight with a commitment to focusing on clever use of materials in order to minimize waste and keep the well being of the environment in mind, which I think is great and refreshing to see these days and should be a goal of more brands and shows they are actually more than just a brand.

Their BODY GLOVE Bodysuit features on a recent cover of HEALTH magazine with Khloe Kardashian wearing the garment, which is brilliant publicity for the brand to get on a cover and have one of the famous Kardashian in one of their items. You can view more magazine features and PR related stuff on their website under the “Press” section.

The items of clothing themselves feature lots of white and lace detailing. Here are some of my favourite picks and imagery from their Instagram page!

HAH âšĄïž Hot-As-Hell @we_are_hah on Instagram photo 11th January 2017

HAH âšĄïž Hot-As-Hell @we_are_hah on Instagram photo 9th January 2017

HAH âšĄïž Hot-As-Hell @we_are_hah on Instagram photo 16th December 2016


Here are some images showing various ways to style them to help give you some inspiration if you are unsure as to what to pair them with!
And of course, Kim Kardashian has already tried out this trend! As seen in the picture below.


I have seen recently a influx of a few new trends as well as ones which have seen before which seem to be coming back round again (Ugh, that makes me sound so old!) aha.

The first one is snap pants, which are basically a slight adaptation of the whole wearing joggers but in a more smart manner, for example with heels and crop tops. Moreover, snap pants tend to be wide legged joggers but with press studs going up each side, so you can literally undo them to your desired height, which in a way turns them into flares with splits at the side. I think these look really cool with fine strappy high heels and a designer bag to make the look more dressy.

Here are some links to some if you are interested in giving them a go!