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When it comes to collaborations within fashion, I’m honestly not usually the biggest fan as I tend to find them somewhat disappointing however the new Guess and ASAP Rocky collection is a pleasant surprise! (Saying that I do like the Fenty Puma & Rihanna Collections, the trainers in particular!)

Anyway, back to Guess and ASAP Rocky! I think the designers have mixed the two essences of both the brand and rapper well, so you can clearly see each of their vibes in the pieces. Moreover in past collections sometimes they tend to lead more to one side of the collab then the other, whereas with these pieces I think they have got the balance perfectly right.

I love the colour palette they have gone for, its mostly white with hints of blue and red, giving it a very retro, 70s Tumblr feel, which is a style which is very in at the moment.

I like the way the photos have been edited too, it is almost as if they have added a faded effect onto the photos, so they look more natural and as if they have been faded from being in the sun.

There are an awful lot of props and groups photos which I think sometimes have the danger of making campaigns look tacky, however they have done a great job of avoiding this and instead it looks more like a group of young friends with great style, aha. I like the casting of the models too as it is nice to see different ethnicities and beautiful curves as apposed to 6ft stick thin models. (Not that there is anything wrong with looking like that, it is just nice to see diversity. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and so it’s nice to see more and more people with different looks represented within fashion.)

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I also love the fact that ASAP Rocky is featured in the pictures too, just because why not? And it allows the consumer to see the images and think “Ah, I recognise him!” as some people might be familiar with what he looks like but not with his name.

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So overall I think this is an awesome collaboration which I am very impressed by!

Here are some of my favourite picks from it!


Shop the collection here:






Here are some images showing various ways to style them to help give you some inspiration if you are unsure as to what to pair them with!
And of course, Kim Kardashian has already tried out this trend! As seen in the picture below.


I have seen recently a influx of a few new trends as well as ones which have seen before which seem to be coming back round again (Ugh, that makes me sound so old!) aha.

The first one is snap pants, which are basically a slight adaptation of the whole wearing joggers but in a more smart manner, for example with heels and crop tops. Moreover, snap pants tend to be wide legged joggers but with press studs going up each side, so you can literally undo them to your desired height, which in a way turns them into flares with splits at the side. I think these look really cool with fine strappy high heels and a designer bag to make the look more dressy.

Here are some links to some if you are interested in giving them a go!




So it’s no lie that fish net tights have been around for a very long time, however the way in which they can be worn and styled is changing. For example, you probably used to associate them with goths or dare I say stripper type people (lol) but now they are worn on an everyday basis by lots of different people, so woohoo they have lost their stereotype!
Fishnets can be worn say underneath denim shorts for a casual look or in the evening with bodycon dresses. A new way I have seen people styling them, particularly on Instagram and Pinterest is to have them underneath ripped jeans and then with a crop top and the band of the tights pulled up high so you can see your stomach with the tights on show. I really like this look as I think it’s quite edgy and unique and can make a real statement. Another adaptation of the original trend is fishnet tights with diamontes on, which look really nice more so in the evening I would say and can make a rather plain outfit really stand out! And finally you can now get fishnet socks too!
I would advise on wearing these with trainers and ankle length moms jeans or loose trousers for a very Urban Outfitters style look. Again this has more of a day time vibe I would say but go ahead and experiment and even try them out with heels for the night time too!
And here are some links to buy them from.




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Anyone who knows me knows how much of a fan I am of Lana Del Rey, so when she released a new song earlier this year titled “Love” and then another single recently “Lust for Life” with The Weeknd (another artist who I admire and saw on his tour last month which was amazing, he is a very talented guy who kept everyone excited and engaged throughout his whole set, even without any backing dancers or a band which I think just shows how great he is at what he does) anyway, lets just say I was more than excited!

Seen as she hadn’t released any music for a while I am very happy now to have two new beautiful songs to listen too! Moreover, when I saw her on the cover of DAZED magazine I just had to get it and it is now featuring in my bedroom along side to my I-D magazine with the one and only Justin Bieber on the front :))))))))

The photographs are great quality and I really love the way she has been styled as I think it fits perfectly with her image. Furthermore, for example, her earrings remind me of old Hollywood glamour as does the fur coat, but it is given a Lana Del Rey touch with the fur being purple and the size of the earrings being so OTT.

I think the use of faded lavender tones on the cover image itself is very pretty and even goes well with the white DAZED font and would make an amazing poster image or could be put onto merchandise and would look great. I would definitely wear it anyway, aha.

The first image of the spread itself I think has been composed well, I like how it is different to a standard page and the black background with the inverted white writing and image in the middle make it look like an album cover and has a very Tumblr-esque feel to it I would say, which I love and don’t understand why I don’t see a lot more people doing this.

On the image after that I like how they have put a quote over the top of the photo as it adds variety to the collection of images, but doesn’t overpower or detract from the photo itself.

I have noticed a theme of different textures which I think is nice what with the fur and the kind of frayed effect on the pink dress and in addition I think the images have been chosen well as they aren’t too samey but at the same time are clearly linked and go together well as a collection. The poses and facial expressions are different too in each image which I think shows good attention to detail and the smaller things which can often be overlooked.

Overall, I absolutely love this magazine spread and if I had been the stylist or photographer it is exactly what I would have envisioned doing myself which is unusual and I think the whole thing has been executed with perfection!




Word of mouth is extremely important when it comes to branding and marketing. For example, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from family and friends over all forms of advertising. And 64% of marketing executives believe word of mouth is that most effective form of marketing.

Ask yourself,

Do I care? Will I share?

Here are some interesting quotes from renowned business men, which back up just how fundamental PR is.

“If I was to spend my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” – Bill Gates

“Publicity is absolutely crucial. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” – Richard Branson

And finally the PRSA describes PR as;

“Anticipating, analysing, interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of organisation”.

Consumer PR consists of 7 main areas:

Promotion, launch, repositioning, activity support, campaign support, credit management and brand embassadors.

As a guide for PR, there are the 3 E’s, which are:


know your consumer, listen to them, be present, respect your relationship, predict, react and respond


give the consumer a reason to talk, have amazing products, great service,  insights and information, insider track and incentives


give consumers different ways to talk and share


Thank you for reading!



– sending PR/influencers items a couple of months before products are released for free for them to blog about.

– lookbooks put out online

Executions- The Process:

1) Determine Aim – aim of communication, inform, persuade, remind, reinforce, different

2) Target Consumer- motivation/ goals, behaviour, shopping/ brands, media, music

3) Create narrative/ message- create the message and call to action, what narrative does your consumer connect with and aspire to?, fashion is as asthetic and often has no overt message other than a visual narrative

4) Determine the communication mix. Pick media that best connects with the target consumer. Determine which media is most effective for your budget. Adapt message and creative to suit media.

5) Create a plan. Determine sequence of events, decide an activity for each stage across all media and assign responsibility/ resource.






6) Produce executions- create creative concept and design recipe, apply design recipe, adapt message and recipe to suit formats and producer executions (tools, content .etc.) for all activity.

7) Measure- agree what success looks like, track and report relevant measures across media e.g sales, brand, image, likes .etc.


If you are into the fashion theory side of things then hopefully you found this plan interesting!




As a fashion student it is safe to say that I am certainly  fan of moodboards, so I thought why not correlate some images together just showing things that I’m into and my general taste. As you will see, there a few common occurrences throughout my boards which has highlighted to me what I really do like! It is interesting actually to say that each board is on a different topic, that I have somehow managed to put plants in nearly every board and honestly didn’t even realise until I just put them all together on here and viewed them as a collective. I apologise in advance if you don’t like trees and the sun because it seems to be a recurring theme throughout, aha. Anyway, I hope you like my boards and I just thought it was a little something different to post instead of the usual paragraphs of writing, If you prefer imagery then this is the post for you!