Being someone who is a highly creative being and finds topics like fashion, makeup, art and music very interesting, it makes sense to me that I would also have an interest in interior design too!
As a shop I really like Urban Outfitters and I think it is unusual to find a shop that has both great clothing as well as great homemade items too ( one is usually waaaay better than the other) and they both match perfectly, so it’s like if you are a fan of the style of clothing they have there, you will also probably like the homeware stuff too as it’s in the same kind of style.

I have looked at their website and picked out a few of my favourite things they have available at the moment.

IMG_5916.PNGThis marble duvet set I have had my eye on for a while now and was considering getting for my own bedroom as even though it’s patterned, it’s neutral and marble is a huge trend right now so if you are so into your fashion that you even want your bedroom to be on trend then this would be perfect for you, aha. But equally it is pretty timeless too and I think it would look nice in an older persons bedroom too as it’s a pretty classic print. I like how it has been shown in the picture, I would team this bed cover up with lots of green palms and plants to really amplify the boho chic vibe.


Candles are always a good idea when it comes to decorating because who wouldn’t want their house to smell great? I know I would! This candle in particular is both aesthetically pleasing and smells good so it’s the perfect package really! Because the design is quite simple and clean, it would go with most things and could be made to look more modern or more traditional depending on what style you are going for in the rest of the room.

Here are some other cool items for you to look at!


Hope you enjoyed this post!



One of this summers major trends as shown on the catwalk at The British Style Collective is lace bralettes, which are pretty much bras that you would normally wear as underwear but that are slightly longer so that you can get away with wearing in the daytime as tops because you layer them over another top.

As seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, the trend is very big on Instagram and Tumblr where you can find lots of inspirational images to give you some ideas as to what to wear them with.
It kind of links to the whole boudoir dressing trend which includes items like silky slip dresses which look just like nighties and also lace body suits too (Khloe Kardashian has been wearing a lot of these recently).

A lace bralette would look nice pair with some high waisted wide legged trousers as this would show the contrast between the big material filled trousers with the skimpy little top and would also excentuate your waist and make it look smaller.

You could also wear one underneath a blazer which would look incredibly cool and stylish as you are combining a really feminine lace top with the more boyish item of a blazer. You would still be very covered up but extremely sexy with the lace peeping through at the same time so this is a good option if it’s cool outside but you still want a taste of the trend!

Another look to try is to pair say a black bralette underneath a sheer shirt so that you can see it underneath. Again this can look very seductive and you could dress it up or down depending on the rest of your outfit and your makeup. This option is good if it’s cooler outside but you still want to look stand out without showing too much skin.

I quite like them worn with jogging bottoms actually as it means you can wear them in the day time and not look too dressed up but I think because joggers are so casual this makes a really cool combo.

A new take on the trend is to wear one over the top of a white t shirt. This is much more of a daytime option and you can even buy sets from places like Topshop where you get the t shirt and the bralet together so there are no excuses not to give it a go! Aha.


So this year The Clothes Show which has always been held in December time at The NEC Birmingham relocated to a new home of Liverpool town centre and in the summer time!
Me and mum drove down to Liverpool on the Sunday which is the day we had our tickets for and then stayed overnight so that we could go shopping and look around the rest of a Liverpool on the Monday, stayed over now get again and then went back home on the Tuesday.

Overall I had a really nice weekend and I have to say we were extremely lucky regarding the weather as the new design of the show means you have to travel/walk around to numerous different venues around the city so if it had been cold and raining that would not of been pleasant at all! This was one of the reasons to be honest that I liked The Clothes Show set up so much because despite the fact it was always in winter, you could drive to birmingham (which for me personally is just on my doorstep so a lot more convenient than Liverpool, lol) and then stay indoors all day. Yes you had to park in the car park and get a bus shuttle to the venue itself but it never took very long and it meant that I could dress up and wear heels and then just take a coat to keep me warm to get to and from The NEC and then gave it in at the cloakroom!

The fashion show was good but I hate to say it, it wasn’t as good as it usually is 😬 All the seats weren’t even filled so there was lots of gaps in the audience which kind of killed the vibe a little and the presenters were and I don’t mean to be harsh but they were not great, they were clearly reading straight off of their cue cards and weren’t very relaxed at all, it kind of made me feel awkward watching them when every time they asked the crowd to make some noise and only like five people cheered, looool 😬
Anyway the show itself was alright but it seemed very focused on the guys bodies, like I personally am not even into muscly guys so I was just sitting there like 😑 aha.
I like how they still incorporated lots of music and dancing into the show as that’s what really makes it unique to other fashion shows but I still don’t think that aspect either was quite up to their usual standard.

We did manage to see another show though towards the end of the day at a different venue called St George’s Hall which was beautiful. It showcasing one designer’s collection and was much more based on the actual dresses.
Some of the women from The Housewifes of Cheshire were in the audience and they stayed behind at the end to do a question and answer session which was nice too.

Also Liverpool as a city I found to be really nice. I have been there once before which was to go to the Fusion Festival which again used to be in Birmingham but then they changed it to Liverpool lol, I don’t actually know why. Anyway, the people seemed very nice and friendly and the place had a lovely vibe to it, I would definitely go back there again!






Anyone who knows me knows how much I absolutely looooove Los Angeles and how I could talk about it for days, aha! One of the things I like about the place is the food, one thing in particular being the Acai Bowls you can get there. I feel like this is a very stereotypical food that anyone who doesn’t know a lot about LA would associate it with. So I just wanted to say, whilst there are lots of healthy places to eat in LA, there are also less healthy places too, so don’t be fooled into thinking everything there is fitness obsessed and throw shade on the place because they are not! I’m very defensive about it you see 😉😂

I had my first ever acai bowl in LA three years ago and I have been hooked ever since! Yes you can make them yourself but it is equally nice to be able to pick one up from a juice place like Jamba Juice when you are out and about on the go! (Jamba Juice do three different acai bowls which are all equally gorgeous!) 😍

Here I have got a quick recipe though for you to make your own at home! I would describe this as a berry based acai bowl but actually as acai juice is quite hard to get in the UK, I have substituted it with berries instead to make it easier to make. If you happen to have some acai juice though go ahead and use that for the liquid part!

* 5 blueberries
* 5 strawberries
* 5 blackberries
* 1 1/2tbsp of natural yoghurt
* Drop of Maple syrup or honey
* 2 tbsp coconut shavings
* 1 tbsp of granola
* 1 tbsp chia seeds
* Selection of banana, blueberries and strawberries
* Maple syrup or honey to drizzle over

The recipe itself is nice and simple. All you need to do is put the ingredients for the liquid part of the bowl into a blender and blend until they are smooth. Then pour it into a bowl and chop up as much as the topping ingredients as you require and they line them up on top of the bowl. Then finally sprinkle it with coconut shavings, granola and chia seeds to finish it off, drizzling honey or maple syrup over it all to add a touch of sweetness.

This dish would be great to have for breakfast to kick start your day with a healthy dose of fruit and to give you energy as it’s full of vitamins.
Hope you like it as much as I do!


So today I thought I would post about interior design as being a fashion student, I naturally have an interest in it, as personally I see it as fashion for your home! 

If I had to describe my own style when it comes to what kind of homeware I like, I would say that it is very outdoors based, with lots of different textures and materials and with a predominately neutral colour palette with the addition of green plants, to basically make the indoors feel like it’s outside!

I think even if a room is predominantly one colour, you can add variety to it by including different textures, like marble and wood which are two of my favourites! 

If you want to make a space feel bigger than it actually is, then paint the walls, ceiling and floor white and it will instantly brighten and widen the room. 

I honestly think that less is actually more, so I try to avoid as much clutter as possible and ornaments or paintings that are unnecessary as this can makes rooms look messy and overdone. 

I have attached some inspirational images found on Pinterest showing some of my favourite ideas. 

Bathrooms are one of my favourite rooms, and I think going for a minimal but classy look is easily doable, by sticking to a colour like white, you could have a white floor and furnishings and then add interest by having an accent wall made of marble. You can also get some incredibly interesting and fancy looking taps, baths and sinks nowadays so just changing say the taps for example can really improve and change the look of your bathroom without having to do much work or spend a fortune at all! 

Another thing I like to do is add plants to each room as they remind me of being on holiday in a more tropical country and I find them very soothing and relaxing so I would definitely recommend trying this if this appeals to you.

If you don’t have babies running around which it may be hazardous to, the use of glass can really open up a space a lot and let more light in, which can instantly improve mood and is great in the summer to light a room up.

If you are just looking for odd bits of bobs to give your rooms a new zest of life, then I would say that Urban Outfitters is quite a good place to look at for more quirky and unique items.

And if you like great quality bedding and want a complete overhaul, then Kelly Hoppen do some beautiful neutral and sophisticated bedding with extremely high thread counts! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Thank you for reading! 


Prints & Graphics A/W 18/19: HumaNature – Nature Activist

So I was just recently browsing WGSN looking at their future trends section and came across “HumaNature” a trend basically encompassing protest and nature activist slogans written onto items of clothing in a relaxed and hand made style. Colour wise there is a lot of khaki and an overriding feel of feminine grunge. I would say that the trend is definitely aimed at young women, encouraging them to join movements or show their support casually through their outfits. Items have an outdoors utility vibe to them which I like and think that my personal style would fit well with this trend.

Here are some examples of products available and imagery that helps represent the trend.

feministGypsy Warrior x Robin Eisenberg Patch - Gypsy Warrior:


Women’s Forecast A/W 18/19: The Thinker

Another trend I came across was referred to as “Whisky Lounge” which I thought was quite a funny title for a trend but it is in essence all about lace, velvet, affluent interiors and a general sense of plushness (not entirely sure if that’s a word but I like it so I’m using it!) haha.

Again, this is my cup of tea as I love soft materials and wearing evening wear in the day time and underwear as tops. Long story short, I like pushing boundaries and breaking rules which I think this trend does!

If you like silk dresses,  I would say a good place to get them from is Missguided, as they always seem to have lots of variety when it comes to them, as in short, longer, sleeveless, long sleeves and also plunging cut neck lines, so you will probably be able to find something to suit you and your style.


wgsn whiskyvelvet

lace camisilk dress

Surface & Materials Forecast A/W 18/19: The Thinker Re Materialised Masters
This interior trend is all about taking traditional materials and giving them a modern edge by adding extra materials that are unexpected including the likes of rubber, leather and resin. After reading about this trend and looking at the pictures to go with it, it reminded me of Parisian architecture and buildings like the Palace of Versailles and the Sacre Coeur but then also at the same time my mind went to the Versace Mansion in Miami with them both having extremely intricate paintings and statues eluding luxury and truly skilled artisans.
The WGSN article referring to the future trend describes it as ” creative thinking challenges established design codes as the unorthodox meeta with the romantic. Unexpected or surreal interpretations of historical craft emerge as neo-classical form are reinvented through scale or modern materials.”
It also made me think of the style of some the rooms in Harrods as yes they are exquisitely decorated, but particularly in the homeware section there is a variety of different styles and combinations of furniture that you would not necessarily pair together automatically but they do it in a way which really works and so for example combine the old with the new and create a great, unique look based on the clever use of juxtaposition, Even though this is an interior trend, I think that you could of course apply it to fashion too, why not?!
Here are some images from WGSN.
interior 2interiorinterior 3interior 4
Thank you for reading!



As a fashion student it is safe to say that I am certainly  fan of moodboards, so I thought why not correlate some images together just showing things that I’m into and my general taste. As you will see, there a few common occurrences throughout my boards which has highlighted to me what I really do like! It is interesting actually to say that each board is on a different topic, that I have somehow managed to put plants in nearly every board and honestly didn’t even realise until I just put them all together on here and viewed them as a collective. I apologise in advance if you don’t like trees and the sun because it seems to be a recurring theme throughout, aha. Anyway, I hope you like my boards and I just thought it was a little something different to post instead of the usual paragraphs of writing, If you prefer imagery then this is the post for you!