So this year The Clothes Show which has always been held in December time at The NEC Birmingham relocated to a new home of Liverpool town centre and in the summer time!
Me and mum drove down to Liverpool on the Sunday which is the day we had our tickets for and then stayed overnight so that we could go shopping and look around the rest of a Liverpool on the Monday, stayed over now get again and then went back home on the Tuesday.

Overall I had a really nice weekend and I have to say we were extremely lucky regarding the weather as the new design of the show means you have to travel/walk around to numerous different venues around the city so if it had been cold and raining that would not of been pleasant at all! This was one of the reasons to be honest that I liked The Clothes Show set up so much because despite the fact it was always in winter, you could drive to birmingham (which for me personally is just on my doorstep so a lot more convenient than Liverpool, lol) and then stay indoors all day. Yes you had to park in the car park and get a bus shuttle to the venue itself but it never took very long and it meant that I could dress up and wear heels and then just take a coat to keep me warm to get to and from The NEC and then gave it in at the cloakroom!

The fashion show was good but I hate to say it, it wasn’t as good as it usually is 😬 All the seats weren’t even filled so there was lots of gaps in the audience which kind of killed the vibe a little and the presenters were and I don’t mean to be harsh but they were not great, they were clearly reading straight off of their cue cards and weren’t very relaxed at all, it kind of made me feel awkward watching them when every time they asked the crowd to make some noise and only like five people cheered, looool 😬
Anyway the show itself was alright but it seemed very focused on the guys bodies, like I personally am not even into muscly guys so I was just sitting there like 😑 aha.
I like how they still incorporated lots of music and dancing into the show as that’s what really makes it unique to other fashion shows but I still don’t think that aspect either was quite up to their usual standard.

We did manage to see another show though towards the end of the day at a different venue called St George’s Hall which was beautiful. It showcasing one designer’s collection and was much more based on the actual dresses.
Some of the women from The Housewifes of Cheshire were in the audience and they stayed behind at the end to do a question and answer session which was nice too.

Also Liverpool as a city I found to be really nice. I have been there once before which was to go to the Fusion Festival which again used to be in Birmingham but then they changed it to Liverpool lol, I don’t actually know why. Anyway, the people seemed very nice and friendly and the place had a lovely vibe to it, I would definitely go back there again!




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