Prints & Graphics A/W 18/19: HumaNature – Nature Activist

So I was just recently browsing WGSN looking at their future trends section and came across “HumaNature” a trend basically encompassing protest and nature activist slogans written onto items of clothing in a relaxed and hand made style. Colour wise there is a lot of khaki and an overriding feel of feminine grunge. I would say that the trend is definitely aimed at young women, encouraging them to join movements or show their support casually through their outfits. Items have an outdoors utility vibe to them which I like and think that my personal style would fit well with this trend.

Here are some examples of products available and imagery that helps represent the trend.

feministGypsy Warrior x Robin Eisenberg Patch - Gypsy Warrior:


Women’s Forecast A/W 18/19: The Thinker

Another trend I came across was referred to as “Whisky Lounge” which I thought was quite a funny title for a trend but it is in essence all about lace, velvet, affluent interiors and a general sense of plushness (not entirely sure if that’s a word but I like it so I’m using it!) haha.

Again, this is my cup of tea as I love soft materials and wearing evening wear in the day time and underwear as tops. Long story short, I like pushing boundaries and breaking rules which I think this trend does!

If you like silk dresses,  I would say a good place to get them from is Missguided, as they always seem to have lots of variety when it comes to them, as in short, longer, sleeveless, long sleeves and also plunging cut neck lines, so you will probably be able to find something to suit you and your style.


wgsn whiskyvelvet

lace camisilk dress

Surface & Materials Forecast A/W 18/19: The Thinker Re Materialised Masters
This interior trend is all about taking traditional materials and giving them a modern edge by adding extra materials that are unexpected including the likes of rubber, leather and resin. After reading about this trend and looking at the pictures to go with it, it reminded me of Parisian architecture and buildings like the Palace of Versailles and the Sacre Coeur but then also at the same time my mind went to the Versace Mansion in Miami with them both having extremely intricate paintings and statues eluding luxury and truly skilled artisans.
The WGSN article referring to the future trend describes it as ” creative thinking challenges established design codes as the unorthodox meeta with the romantic. Unexpected or surreal interpretations of historical craft emerge as neo-classical form are reinvented through scale or modern materials.”
It also made me think of the style of some the rooms in Harrods as yes they are exquisitely decorated, but particularly in the homeware section there is a variety of different styles and combinations of furniture that you would not necessarily pair together automatically but they do it in a way which really works and so for example combine the old with the new and create a great, unique look based on the clever use of juxtaposition, Even though this is an interior trend, I think that you could of course apply it to fashion too, why not?!
Here are some images from WGSN.
interior 2interiorinterior 3interior 4
Thank you for reading!



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