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When it comes to collaborations within fashion, I’m honestly not usually the biggest fan as I tend to find them somewhat disappointing however the new Guess and ASAP Rocky collection is a pleasant surprise! (Saying that I do like the Fenty Puma & Rihanna Collections, the trainers in particular!)

Anyway, back to Guess and ASAP Rocky! I think the designers have mixed the two essences of both the brand and rapper well, so you can clearly see each of their vibes in the pieces. Moreover in past collections sometimes they tend to lead more to one side of the collab then the other, whereas with these pieces I think they have got the balance perfectly right.

I love the colour palette they have gone for, its mostly white with hints of blue and red, giving it a very retro, 70s Tumblr feel, which is a style which is very in at the moment.

I like the way the photos have been edited too, it is almost as if they have added a faded effect onto the photos, so they look more natural and as if they have been faded from being in the sun.

There are an awful lot of props and groups photos which I think sometimes have the danger of making campaigns look tacky, however they have done a great job of avoiding this and instead it looks more like a group of young friends with great style, aha. I like the casting of the models too as it is nice to see different ethnicities and beautiful curves as apposed to 6ft stick thin models. (Not that there is anything wrong with looking like that, it is just nice to see diversity. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and so it’s nice to see more and more people with different looks represented within fashion.)

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I also love the fact that ASAP Rocky is featured in the pictures too, just because why not? And it allows the consumer to see the images and think “Ah, I recognise him!” as some people might be familiar with what he looks like but not with his name.

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So overall I think this is an awesome collaboration which I am very impressed by!

Here are some of my favourite picks from it!


Shop the collection here:






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