I may be rather late In discovering this shop but my favourite place to go at the moment is LUSH! They are a fresh handmade cosmetics brand which I’ve seen numerous times when walking down the high-street but have never actually ventured inside until recently and realised what I had been missing out on! I have so many of their products yet to try but at the moment I really like the bath bombs and bubble bars. They both look and smell amazing and fill the entire bath room fragrance. AND of course they are very satisfying to put it the bath and swoosh around and watch all the different colours and bubbles appear! I have found that they not only make the water feel silky but they leave my hair luxuriously soft too, which is a bonus. I’ve also just purchased the Snow Fairy body wash and wow, it smells so sweet and so damn good, I want to eat it! lol. (don’t actually advise that fyi!).

Lush have a great brand philosophy too as their products aren’t tested on animals, they are ethical and use organic and high quality ingredients. If you this is an area that interests you, you can read more about it here

And finally, just wanted to mention that the people in the shop and really helpful and encourage you to try the products before you buy them and show you what the bath bombs look like when they are dropped In water. If you are unsure how to use certain products too they will happily explain this to you. Equally, I’ve found that if I am just going in there for a specific item or want to browse by myself if you tell them you are just looking they do actually leave you too it and don’t harass you or watch you which I find sometimes in shops which really gets on my nerves!

One more thing, If you are stuck for what to buy for people Christmas I would just head into a LUSH store and I sure you will find lots of suitable things. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love treating themselves to a bubble bath! Haha.


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