So it’s no lie that fish net tights have been around for a very long time, however the way in which they can be worn and styled is changing. For example, you probably used to associate them with goths or dare I say stripper type people (lol) but now they are worn on an everyday basis by lots of different people, so woohoo they have lost their stereotype!
Fishnets can be worn say underneath denim shorts for a casual look or in the evening with bodycon dresses. A new way I have seen people styling them, particularly on Instagram and Pinterest is to have them underneath ripped jeans and then with a crop top and the band of the tights pulled up high so you can see your stomach with the tights on show. I really like this look as I think it’s quite edgy and unique and can make a real statement. Another adaptation of the original trend is fishnet tights with diamontes on, which look really nice more so in the evening I would say and can make a rather plain outfit really stand out! And finally you can now get fishnet socks too!
I would advise on wearing these with trainers and ankle length moms jeans or loose trousers for a very Urban Outfitters style look. Again this has more of a day time vibe I would say but go ahead and experiment and even try them out with heels for the night time too!
And here are some links to buy them from.




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