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Anyone who knows me knows how much of a fan I am of Lana Del Rey, so when she released a new song earlier this year titled “Love” and then another single recently “Lust for Life” with The Weeknd (another artist who I admire and saw on his tour last month which was amazing, he is a very talented guy who kept everyone excited and engaged throughout his whole set, even without any backing dancers or a band which I think just shows how great he is at what he does) anyway, lets just say I was more than excited!

Seen as she hadn’t released any music for a while I am very happy now to have two new beautiful songs to listen too! Moreover, when I saw her on the cover of DAZED magazine I just had to get it and it is now featuring in my bedroom along side to my I-D magazine with the one and only Justin Bieber on the front :))))))))

The photographs are great quality and I really love the way she has been styled as I think it fits perfectly with her image. Furthermore, for example, her earrings remind me of old Hollywood glamour as does the fur coat, but it is given a Lana Del Rey touch with the fur being purple and the size of the earrings being so OTT.

I think the use of faded lavender tones on the cover image itself is very pretty and even goes well with the white DAZED font and would make an amazing poster image or could be put onto merchandise and would look great. I would definitely wear it anyway, aha.

The first image of the spread itself I think has been composed well, I like how it is different to a standard page and the black background with the inverted white writing and image in the middle make it look like an album cover and has a very Tumblr-esque feel to it I would say, which I love and don’t understand why I don’t see a lot more people doing this.

On the image after that I like how they have put a quote over the top of the photo as it adds variety to the collection of images, but doesn’t overpower or detract from the photo itself.

I have noticed a theme of different textures which I think is nice what with the fur and the kind of frayed effect on the pink dress and in addition I think the images have been chosen well as they aren’t too samey but at the same time are clearly linked and go together well as a collection. The poses and facial expressions are different too in each image which I think shows good attention to detail and the smaller things which can often be overlooked.

Overall, I absolutely love this magazine spread and if I had been the stylist or photographer it is exactly what I would have envisioned doing myself which is unusual and I think the whole thing has been executed with perfection!




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