“Is Marijuana the Luxury Industry’s Next Big Opportunity?

So I just read this article from Business of Fashion and long story short, my response to this is no. Please no.

Yes I am aware that Marijuana is a natural plant and of course if you are in pain and have a medical condition then if it will help improve your quality of life then go for it, iti s your body at the end of the day and if Marijuana can help you in this way then that is great! But no one in this article seems to be addressing the fact that like with all drugs, they effect different people in different ways, and I personally have seen this with my own eyes, one person is having a fabulous time with their marijuana and goes all enthusiastic and energetic, meanwhile the other is confused, upset and loosing all common sense, which is dangerous.

The article says:

“For instance, the e-commerce site Tetra — founded by three fashion and design-industry veterans — has earned accolades for its collection of modern instruments. “We started this because we realised the market didn’t have anything like it,” says Eviana Hartman, who started Tetra with partners Monica Khemsurov and Su Wu. “While there is a lot of innovation in the area, most of the players aren’t driven by aesthetics.”

As a Fashion Communication and Promotion student, I can see from a purely marketing and business minded point of view, that there is obvious logic in this and they have found a gap in the market which they are hoping to fill, which like I said, in theory is the basis of creating a new idea and in turn profit, although maybe this type of product has not actually been created yet for a reason?

I don’t want to be pessimistic , as I do absolutely love fashion, and acknowledge the fact that it is all subjective really, though I cannot help thinking that trying to glamorise a drug and make profit from it is just wrong and is going a step too far. Moreover, it is clear that those who endorse this are only doing it for the potential profit to be gained, without considering the health implications that go with it and how influential fashion is on young people, so glamorising this will just be making marijuana the norm, which some people would say is fine, though my point is where does this stop? First you start selling this as a luxury lifestyle product, then it filters down and you can get it inexpensively too, it becomes easier and easier to access, with younger people being able to buy it with no moderation and then what will happen next? Will eventually all class A drugs be turned into “glamorous” fashion products too? And someone starts with weed first, but then there is the risk that it can lead to taking more and more higher class drugs and when you are “high” people can often then take more different types of drugs as they are not fully aware of what they are doing nor are they capable of making rational decisions.

My opinion on this suggestion is that I feel like basically this is morally wrong, it is a sly way to try and just make money and more thought should be put into it and people should have a consience as to what potenital damage could be done to the vunerable and serseptable young people which they are trying to target.

Rant over, aha.

Here is the article if you want to give it a read:


And also, here is a link to a website giving you further insights into weed and the problems it can cause.


wang show Alexander Wangs Cannabis Infused Collection Is High Fashion

Alexander Wang’s Cannabis Infused Collection

Source: http://herb.co/2016/02/15/alexander-wangs-cannabis-infused-collection-high-fashion/




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