So we recently had a series of guest lecturers come in and talk to us about their experiences setting up businesses within the fashion industry.

One of the men who came in to speak was named Eli Ankutse who began his career with a skincare brand called Nixen and Joshua in 2007 which was aimed at catering for men’s grooming needs,introducing new products for a young demographic. They started off online selling the best male perfume brands out there.

Then in 2o09 they created a business minded blog called

There were not may of these around at the time so their goal was to be the number one blog in the world dedicated to men’s grooming which they managed to do! ! The blog was also a huge successful in terms of benefiting the website selling products as most of the traffic they received was from the blog itself.

He recommend a specialist perfume shop in Belgravia London, Les Senteurs where you can get your own private blend of fragrance he also said that Tom Ford is known for visiting there!

For the blog itself they have very knowledgeable staff who are fragrance experts so they add their wealth of expert knowledge to it making it an extremely creditable source.

Ankutse got the chance to interview bespoke perfume maker, Blaise Mautin, who told him that each store had a different smell and that the scent of the Hyatt Hotel products including shower gels and soup are inspired by that area, which I think is a great, innovative idea!

Some more of what I learnt from the lecture was that fragrance smells different on everyone’s skin so a female fragrance sprayed on a male wouldn’t necessarily smell feminine, which I never knew before but found very interesting. And also that an Eau de Cologne is light in scent so would traditionally be sprayed liberally and worn in the daytime, whereas an Eau de Parfum is more for the evening as it is strong, potent and more concentrated so you only need to spray a tiny bit in order to smell it.

In 2012 was founded as a new skincare range using natural vegan friendly ingredients for males. Research has shown that guys spend more money of fragrances compared to skincare as you get an instant reaction from it. They also noticed when carrying out research that lots of men’s skincare brands products are rather crowded with small unclear writing so it isn’t obvious what the product actually is, therefore when making their own, they made sure the name was nice and large for you to see easily. He then said that after establishing what a product is, men tend to smell it, so they gave all there products a light scent to help entice them. And finally of course they use it and it has to work so they made sure that their products do actually deliver what they claim to do on the tin so to say in the  hope of gaining loyal customers that will come back and buy the same products again. He in addition revealed that they put in some ingredients on the front of the packaging as there are certain things that females would recognise so would buy for their man to use which is a clever marketing strategy.

Overall I found the lecture very informative and engaging as it was nice to have a different, new person talk about the subject from their perspective and give us some of their knowledge first hand from what its like to work in that area.



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