Fume Chat Review

Ok, so first of all I have to address that jingle at the beginning of the chat. What. Was. That? It was not my style that’s for sure. It sounded so cringy and cheesy, two words that I don ‘t even like to use, lol.

Secondly, it is like a pod cast, which again is not my thing at all. I am very visual, so I find it the bizarre to sit there and listen to people have a conversation about perfume when I can’t exactly set the scene in my head and see who is speaking and their facial expressions and mannerisms. I would much prefer to have watched this as a YouTube video as being able to see who is actually talking I think would make it mean more too me and maintain my interest. Furthermore, you can’t skip the chat either to get to the most important bit and I don’t like to waste any time and there was a lot of going off topic and talking about irrelevant things, so I kind of just wanted to cut all of that out and get to the point of the chat. May I add that I have never actually listened to a live chat like this before either, so I found it rather strange, it was like I was snooping in on someone’s private conversation, aha!

Even though I do love perfumes and have a great interest in that area, I did not find this method of learning very productive or pleasing at all. I probably sound really negative and like I’m slating the whole thing,  although this is just my opinion and just because I wouldn’t listen to anything like this ever again it doesn’t mean that other people won’t feel the same way. Another point I would like to make is that seen as the actual topic of the chat is perfume, of course you cannot smell the perfume nor can you even seen the bottle, so I thing it is a very subjective way to form an opinion on perfume as you are just listening to three peoples opinions on something and because you can’t see nor smell the perfumes yourself it is hard to form your own opinion without having anything else to go on apart from what these people say.

Finally, I found myself constantly checking the time waiting for the battle itself to begin, currently  I am writing this blog post and the chat is 10 minutes into it and they STILL haven’t started the battle! This to me is highly annoying, lol. Like can they please just get to the point already, I could be doing something else by now. I apologise if any of the people who were in the chat are reading this by the way, please don’t take it personally, this clearly just isn’t my cup of tea as I get bored easily sitting and listening to people talk and like things to be short and clear with only the essential information given instead of it being padded out and twice as long as it needs to be. And of course whether you like a perfume or not is totally subjective, so I don’t find it interesting really to listen to other people talking about what they think of a scent when I can’t form my own opinion on it myself.

By all means, if you would like to listen to the chat then please go ahead, here is the link for you http://fumechat.libsyn.com/

Thank you for reading.




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