So if you have just clicked on this then I am assuming that you are somewhat interested in on trend fonts, lol. What I am referring to exactly is the fact that I consider something to be on trend if it keeps occurring in different ways in my everyday life. Whether that be an item of clothing, a dance style or even a certain word, for example “SHOOK” at the moment which seems to be all over Instagram and Twitter. Anyway, back to the font, I’m not sure what its specific name is as I think there are lots of different slight variations of it available, like free versions and then versions that you pay for. I will insert a picture below to show you what style lettering I am referring to.

I believe that it did originally come from AC/DC as I’ve seen pictures of it from ages ago and now it keeps cropping up on AC/DC band tees. Some people on social media I have seen are having a go at new people using the font but in my opinion y’all should chill, it is just a font!

A major place I have seen the font being used is all things related to Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour, so like on the merchandise, the visuals on the big screens at his concerts and on the promotional images too posted on social media promoting his pop up stores for instance. (And can I just say Justin’s concert was AMAZING! He is so talented, I have so much respect for him, and he is genuinely a nice person too which makes me love him even more).

Image result for Purpose Justin Bieber Logo

Anyway, before I get totally distracted by Justin, let me try and get back on track with the point of this blog post!

I have also seen the font being used by Kanye West and his Saint Pablo Tour merchandise, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner sporting these items of clothing. It has been apparent on my Tumblr feed too, with Kanye related memes and images.

Here are some photos of what I am talking about:

Related image

Image result for kylie jenner pablo

In addition, Iron Maiden bad tees and vests seem to proving very popular at the moment, which use a rather similar font too, as seen below.

Image result for iron maiden top

To conclude, I just thought this would be a bit of different post to what I usually do and hopefully you enjoyed reading it! I really like the font and think it would be a great script to use for a tattoo!

Bye for now!


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