Floras have been on trend for a while now, but I recently received an email from Gucci telling me to check out their new collection, which was conveniently referred to as “The New Flora”. Of course I checked it out straight away and found, like the description implies, they were still florals, like seen in their previous collections, but this time were a lot more floral! To explain further, their new pieces are far from subtle, like the trend has been so far, it has consisted of quite plain pieces to begin with, enhanced by added floral stitching or embroidery for example.

The collection is definitely not for a wall flower ( pardon the pun) however, if you are really into your fashion and like pieces that are a bit different, then I would definitely give it a go!

Maybe this is a sign as to how the trend is going to further develop, into a more all over floral, n your face look, on the contrary to what it has been/ is like at the moment.

It will be interesting to see if this new take on florals catches on, and what overall looks people create with these garments.

To take a look at the new collection, click here: https://www.gucci.com/uk/en_gb/ca/women/womens-ready-to-wear/womens-dresses-c-women-readytowear-dresses?utm_source=B_UK_Female__QP&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=17-01-10_RCFlowerADV17&utm_content=cta

This is my favourite piece from the collection,

Carte de Tendre print dress

£ 2,270


Interestingly, after receving the email from Gucci, I got one from Kylie Cosmetics (the makeup line by Kylie Jenner) which was also referring to and promoting a floral aspect! I have inserted a picture of the visual I got sent in the email below, where you can see three of Kylie’s lip kits, “Kristen”, “Koko K” and “Posie K” are featured with roses in the same colour next to them. I think that this shows that a love for florals has definitely not been left behind in 2016 and if anything it is going to continue to get more and more popular and shows no sign of leaving anytime soon, which personally I am very happy about as I love roses!

And also, whilst we are on the topic of Kylie Cosmetics too, I would just like to recommend Dolce K, it is my favourite lip colour I have of hers, it always looks nice,  whether it be with bold eye makeup to go with it, or just lashes, if you just want to invest in one of her colours, I would say go for this one. I think it would look nice on all skin tones too which is handy, meaning you can sport it in both summer and winter!


Thank you for reading!

Katia xox




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