I stumbled across this prints and graphics moodboard on Pinterest and it instantly made me think back to the Winter Florals trend Miss Selfridge did at The Clothes Show! I think the mixture of dark purples and the whimsical shapes of the flowers really encapsulate the aura of the trend really well. I think the trend has a rather moody, mysterious feel to it, fairies in a winter forest springs to mind!



Here is a collection of imagery that I have correlated together to represent the trend. I decided to use more concept based photos as opposed to actual garments sporting the trend as I think that they evoke more of a feel and whole mind set around the subject matter, and get you to think outside the box and not just about things relating directly to it. I really like the picture of the rose that has been frozen into an ice cube. Moreover I think its a really unique idea as I have never seen anything like it before. In addition, I chose the first image for the same reason, I think its very different and not what you would expect to have flowers embroidered onto a picture. And the flowers in the middle I think have been dyed by ink, which has produced a really nice effect which I would like to try out myself.

If dark florals is your thing, then the will be pleased to hear that I have found an amazing website where you can buy beautiful wallpaper with great big floral designs on them!

They would be great to create a statement wall in a room and if you want to keep the rest of the room simple and keep all the emphasis on the florals.

This is what the designer has to say about her wall papers:

“As they emerge out of the darkness and into the light, flowers provide us with powerful symbols of our common human longing for transcendence.”

– Ellie Cashman




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