The Revival of GUCCI!

If you are into fashion like me, then you will have probably noticed that all of a sudden, just recently Gucci has been everywhere! From celebrities to Instagram photos, people have been spreading the Gucci love and can’t seem to get enough of their new embroidery collection, which I have seen high street stores like Zara and Topshop copy and have created their own Gucci inspired less expensive  alternatives. I have to say that personally, I much prefer the original Gucci garments with their embroidered roses and tigers because they are so stand out and even though embroidery is  a major trend right now I would say that seen as its Gucci, they are all timeless pieces anyway, so I don’t see the attraction in getting nock off versions.

Not that Gucci ever really wasn’t a nice brand, but I would definitely say that it is considered to be cool again and more desirable for the younger person as their latest collection ism ore daring and less safe than pervious ones, so appeals more so to a person like me!

In addition, I have been seeing their signature red and green Gucci stripe and logo a lot in the past few weeks too, which I think shows that people are jumping back on the Gucci bandwagon and want to show off their designer items.

All this is thanks to their new architect turned designer Alessandro Michele, who has given the brand a new dreamy, eastern and nature inspired edge.

Jared Leto has gone all out Gucci in the photo below!




Bruno Mars went for Gucci during his recent performance of his new single on X Factor.


An his album cover even looks like its from a Gucci advertising campaign! Look at that stripe!

Here are some of my top picks!

I think it is safe to say that Gucci is Hucci no more!


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