Tim Gutt Photography

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As part of my fashion degree at University, I have been required to do a post about the photographer my group has been allocated for our latest project. Our task is to come up with another photoshoot inspired by this one By Tim Gutt about Star Signs, which was from a 2010 Vogue Magazine.

Tim Gutt is a fashion photographer who shot these images with the help of Kate Phelan, who styled the model Siri Tollerod in outfits by Alexander McQueen and set designer Shona Heath. Tim Gutt’s photoshoots stem from encompassing the eccentricities of life, often consisting of whimsical, fantasy like settings and well planned placed props in the background. He has also worked with well known brands including Skoda. I would describe this shoot as being surreal, whimsical, fantasy, narrative and vintage.

In a relation to star signs and I have recently seen an increase in clothing and especially fashion jewellery in stores such Topshop and Urban Outfitters, so maybe this a sign of an upcoming trend (a sign, hahaha what a bad joke, I apologise) 😉






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