The last ever Clothes Show!

“The whole show is based on linking music with fashion”. (Clothes Show presentation)

Ok, so before you panic, its not exactly the last ever clothes show this year, its just moving from The NEC in Birmingham to a bigger location in Liverpool as part of the “The British Style Collective”. Phew!

Anyway… I have been to The Clothes Show for I would say about the last three years now, as its a great indoor place to access all things fashion related, with lots of clothes, shoes and makeup to buy with all the latest and best brands having stands there and you can also get unique things from their selection of vintage stalls too (I stress how good the indoor aspect is because its always held in December, so thank goodness it is indoors really! aha) And of course the highlight of my trip is always the fashion show because it combines three things I absolutely LOVE, fashion, music and dance! What makes their fashion shows a little it different is the fact that they have professional dancers who make the shows so interesting and a real performance to watch, and even the style of dance that they do fits with the trend they are modelling. So for example say they were showcasing a collection of outfits dedicated to the Urban Street trend, then the dance style to go with that would probably be hip hop.

I think that the dance aspect makes the shows more fun and more light-hearted, as even if you are not that into fashion you would still be entertained! And they don’t just show one brand or collection, all of the outfits are from different stores and each section of the show is based around a trend, which again makes it that little bit different to a normal fashion show and they encourage you to cheer and audience participation, which gives it a less pretentious/ elite fashion blogger atmosphere which I like too.

I took some photos of the main show from the fashion theatre and then also some from the other shows which go on where all the stands are.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for next years show then click here:



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