Ok, so first of all I think I need to address my choice of lettering in the title….yes I do know how to spell photography; there I did it, lol! and second of all, if you are wondering why I wrote it with an f its simply because I am a fan of alliteration and I don’t like being normal so I had to do something with that title to make it different! I know, I’m crazy, ahah.

So this week I went to see the Christmas lights turned on at my local town centre and watched a fireworks display too, which I just had to take photos of because they were so beautiful and were lighting up the pitch black sky which made I look like all those galaxy pictures you see on the internet that people use as backgrounds. Anyway, considering I was in the middle of a crowd and my view was concealed slightly by some trees, I think I did a pretty good job of taking pictures on my phone and I actually really like how they turned out!



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