#iProtectTigers: WWF-UK Christmas advert 2016 🐯

Another day, another new Christmas advert! This time I will be talking about the new #iProtectTigers: WWF-UK Christmas advert.

This may sound bizarre, but as a dog owner I could really relate to this advert and emphasise with the family and the tiger featured as my dog reminds me of a tiger all the time, he’s just a mini version! I can’t help wondering if maybe the person who came up with this idea for an advert has a dog themselves and so thought it would be a really relatable way to portray the situation. Although the subject matter is rather sad and so is the music, I didn’t feel an overriding sense of guilt after viewing this, as personally I do not take well to campaigns that just try and make you feel guilty and bad about yourself and the great life you have and in that way try and get you to donate money to their cause. In addition, having spoken to people and taken part in research for a previous project I did at University, I know that taking that approach doesn’t seem to go down greatly, and many people have expressed to me that when faced in that situation, they just turn over the channel, so I doubt that’s what the advertisers wants!

With regards to graphics, they have done an incredible job as the tiger looks so realistic and also the actors have done well in that sense as it is very believable. I also like how they have not tried to portray the tiger as being a pet as they are not meant for this, and as nice as the idea may be, they should be in the wild, I think so anyway, free to explore the wold, and not kept in captivity for human entertainment. The way the tiger looks back though at the end I think is a really nice touch, as its like the tigers way of saying thank you to the family for everything they have done, which I find really heart-warming and a good conclusion to the video.

Overall , I am a fan of this advert, as I think its been executed perfectly, the graphics, music and the narrative all go together and have made for a successful advert.


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