Victoria’s Secret


Ok, you might be thinking “why has she posted a picture of underwear on a bed?” So I’m going to answer this question for you! Hurrah!
Basically, I have always been the type of person that loves and appreciates nice underwear, not for anyone else, just for myself, I think well why wouldn’t you make an effort with what’s under your clothes when most people care and and do so with the garments everyone can see?! Anyway, having tried a number of stores, I’ve decided that Victoria’s Secret are definitely my favourite place to shop for these type of items!
This is because I find that you can get a item suitable for every occasion there. For example, in summer when I have a really nice tan and I’m on holiday or have just got back, I don’t want to put my new colour in jeopardy of being ruined from a tight, uncomfortable bra with straps and underwire that rubs and digs in! So, in this case my saving grace is the non underwired bras that they have! The material is soooo soft and comfortable and they do actually look nice too!
You can in addition get bras there that are underwired but they are actually wearable and I even wear mine to exercise in!
Back to the picture featured, the first bra and pants set (the darker one) has lots of padding which makes your cleavage look huge so it’s great if you have a low top on and want to show off! And the other students et is a more everyday set (for me anyway!) as it only has a bit of padding to support you and is really nice and comfortable, so you hardly know you are wearing it all!

Overall, I love pretty much any Victoria’s’ Secret underwear and I highly recommend that you give it a try!


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