The Tale of Thomas Burberry – Burberry Festive Film 2016

So this advert is extremely unlike any I have seen from a fashion brand before.

At first, I thought it was a film trailer, the music, the characters, the set, the overall dramaticness and the way it has been edited all point towards this, however it is not! After noticing a Burberry Scarf and Coat, I quickly realised that there had been product placement throughout, but in a very subtle, dignified way. I think the video is so powerful and intense, even if you know nothing about the brand or aren’t interested in fashion at all, I think this short film would definitely excite you! (basically even my dad would be intrigued and to watch this! lol). It is clear how much time, effort, money and skill has been put into this, which in my opinion has certainly paid off! I admittedly did not know that Thomas Burberry originally designed their signature trench coat nor did I know that before this, raincoats were not even waterproof! So I would like to thank him for inventing the gabardine fabric which is both breathable AND waterproof!

I think it is such an amazing story that the trench coat was originally developed for the military , with the belts used to attach equipment to in the war. This story should be told more so in the Burberry stores, as I think it adds great heritage and meaning to the brand, and has made me more interested and appreciative of it for sure. I doubt that any other brand can say that they began such a way, so I don’t know why Burberry don’t play on this factor more and shout about it!

Overall, I think The whole concept of the advert is truly unique and if I had produced I would be rather proud of myself!

…… And YES, of course I think this should be made into an actual movie! Haha.

What are you waiting for? click the link below to give it a view!


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